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The North as a Cultural Brand
10 April 2019

An important factor in encouraging the younger population to remain in the Northern regions is approved fighting the public with opportunities for their personal and professional cultural development. This important objective is related to improving standards of living through respectful communication with local communities, the preservation of local cultural languages, and their integration into an international context. One of the possible solutions for increasing the appeal of Russian Northern cities is consistently organizing interesting and high-quality cultural events that attract a local audience and strengthen horizontal professional ties in areas such as museum management and design. What factors affect the development of creative activities, what do local institutions need, and what collaboration measures does the museum sector have that could facilitate an increase in the quality of cultural services? What issues is the Northern museum community facing? Could inter-museum cooperation be integrated into the work of museum organizations in the North? What problems do creative specialists in the Arctic regions face?

International Arctic Forum
Started at
Conference hall
Congress Centre, Conference hall B1