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The Development of a Social Model for People’s Presence in the Region
8 April 2019
Alexander Pilyasov
General Director, Regional Consulting Institute; Director, North and Arctic Economics Centre for the Study of Productive Forces
Speakers and experts
Larisa Pastukhova
Project Manager, My country – My Russia Educational Youth Project Competition.
Anton Serikov
Head of Direction for Partner Relationships, "Russia, a Land of Opportunity"
Ekaterina Sokolova
Deputy Vice Rector for International Activities, Maritime State University Named After Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy
Gennadiy Cheurin
Head, Training Center for the Prevention of Social and Natural Emergencies
Maksim Gutenev
Associate Professor of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies, South Ural State University
Kirill Zasimenkov
Executive Secretary, Local Branch, Soviet District, Ufa, Bashkortostan Regional Branch of United Russia
Aygul Shadrina
Member of the Youth Council of Oil and Gas Industry, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation