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Nature-Like Technologies to Meet the Needs of the Arctic
10 April 2019
Mikhail Kovalchuk
President of Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre
Speakers and experts
Vladimir Dorofeev
Chief Executive Officer, St.Petersburg Marine Design Bureau Malachite
Alexander Dynkin
President, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences
Dmitry Kobylkin
Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation
Oleg Naraykin
Vice President, National Research Centre ‘Kurchatov Institute’
Alexey Oryshchenko
Director General, National Research Centre ‘Kurchatov Institute’ – Prometey Central Research Institute of Structural Materials
Vladislav Panchenko
Chairman of the Board, Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)
Alexey Rakhmanov
United Shipbuilding Corporation President
Vyacheslav Ruksha
Deputy Director General - Director for the Northern Sea Route Directorate, State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM
Oleg Ryazantsev
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Georgiy Fokin
Chief Executive Officer, Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg
Andrey Fursenko
Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Aleksandr Yanenko
Director, State Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms of the National Research Centre ‘Kurchatov Institute’