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Training Specialists to Achieve Growth in the Region
10 April 2019

A transition to digital technologies is under way, and new specialisms are emerging accordingly. The development of innovations is making employers raise their requirements for job candidates, and they have expressed their desire for training programmes to be put in place which no educational institution currently offers. What’s more, the macroregion’s unique environment brings with it its own requirements. As the need for certain professions arises, so the need for others disappears. Companies are launching their own teaching departments, and corporate universities and entire further education centres are appearing. These are all aimed at meeting the personnel needs of the real sector and government bodies, and increasing workforce productivity. For their part, candidates are also asking more of potential employers. What needs to be done to create a talent pool for the Arctic? What best practices in education are being applied to meet the needs of the macroregion? How can the potential of the local population be leveraged, and what career prospects exist for them today?

International Arctic Forum
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