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Aircraft First: Developing the Aviation Sector in the Arctic
10 April 2019

The establishment of permanent air links is key to the development of the Arctic’s transport infrastructure. As well as developing a network of airfields, separate attention needs to be paid to creating an aviation fleet. This will involve the development of promising types of aircraft which will meet the needs of small-scale regional aviation. Some of these need to be capable of operating on unpaved airfields, while others will be ground-effect vehicles and seaplanes. Satellite navigation is not without its challenges too, although Russia is planning to achieve full satellite coverage for the Arctic in the near future. How can the polar aviation sector be revitalized and taken to the next level? Is the Russian aviation industry able to satisfy the demands of the Arctic? Will it be possible to provide small and medium sized airlines with access to these regions in order to run commercial flights using light aircraft, provided they pass full safety inspections and undergo certification? How will pilotless aircraft change the face of aviation in the Arctic in the near future?

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