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Prospects for the Development of the Northern Sea Route
8 April 2019
In accordance with the Federal law dated 27 December 2018 No. 525-FZ «On implementing changes to individual legal acts of the Russian Federation,» the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation has begun to function as the sole infrastructure operator of the Northern Sea Route. The Rosatom State Corporation is responsible for implementing state policy and managing state property related to the development and sustainable function of the Northern Sea Route and for creating facilities to meet the electricity demands of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Experts will discuss proposals to increase the efficiency of ship route planning, improve ice monitoring and marine area navigation and hydrography along the Northern Sea Route, develop seaport infrastructure, form a cargo base, and create an icebreaker fleet.
A special Rosatom State Corporation field event will be held on the 50 Let Pobedy icebreaker under the real conditions of winter-spring navigation in the Gulf of Ob and the Kara Sea.
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