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Best Educational Practices and Projects for Indigenous Children
10 April 2019

As part of its activities within the Arctic Council (specifically, the Sustainable Development Working Group), the Russian Federation is implementing a project aimed at improving the quality of preschool education for indigenous peoples in the Arctic and subarctic. This project has drawn upon successful experience in further education. It seeks to improve the sharing of information between Arctic Council member states, analyse the most effective educational programmes and projects in partnership with the expert community and relevant non-profit organizations, prepare the minimum educational content for initiatives such as nomadic schools, and improve data collation processes as a whole. This project spearheaded by Russia is being supported by Finland and Canada as partners in the Sustainable Development Working Group. What best practices in educating the children of indigenous peoples in the Arctic exist? What other steps could be taken to support school education? What social projects to support talented children are in place in the region?

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