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2nd Northern Forum Governors’ Meeting
10 April 2019
Speakers and experts
Aleksander Akimov
Deputy Chair of the Committee on Federal Structure, Regional Policy, Local Government and Northern Affairs, Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Alexander Kozlov
Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic
Nikolay Korchunov
Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Anne Lammila
Consul General of the Republic of Finland in Saint Petersburg
Asa Larsson-Blind
President, Saami Council
Grigory Ledkov
President, Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia, and the Far East (RAIPON)
Hannele Pokka
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Finland; Chair of the Northern Forum (2001–2005)
Nikolay Kharitonov
Chairman of the Committee for Regional Policy and Issues of the North and Far East, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Sergey Kharuchi
Council President, Association of World Reindeer Herders
Halldor Johannsson
Director, Arctic Portal
Natalia Komarova
Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area–Yugra
Roman Kopin
Governor of Chukotka Autonomous Area
Alexander Mazharov
Deputy Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area
Svein Mathiesen
Head of Institute of Circumpolar Reindeer Husbandry, University of the Arctic
Aysen Nikolaev
Head of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Alexander Pilyasov
General Director, Regional Consulting Institute; Director, North and Arctic Economics Centre for the Study of Productive Forces
Kjell Stokvik
Managing Director, Centre for High North Logistics, Nord University Business School
Lassi Heininen
Professor of Arctic Politics at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lapland
Magdalena Andersson
Governor of Västerbotten County of the Kingdom of Sweden
Ragnhild Vassvik
Chairman, Finnmark County Council of the Kingdom of Norway
Tero Vauraste
Chairman, Arctic Economic Council; President, Mariadi Oy
Aleksandr Vorotnikov
Expert for Public-Private Partnership, PORA Expert Center (Project Office for the Development of the Arctic)
Petr Gogolev
Chairman, State Assembly Il Tumen of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Elena Golomareva
Chairman of the Standing Committee on Indigenous Minorities of the North and Arctic Affairs Issues, State Assembly Il Tumen of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia
Lev Gorilovskiy
President, Polyplastic Group; President, Polyplastic Group; Member of the General Council, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Aleksandr Zhirkov
First Deputy Chairman, State Assembly Il Tumen of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia
Pentti Malinen
Head, Regional Council of Kainuu of the Republic of Finland
Derek Norberg
President, Council for US-Russia Relations
Vladimir Pavlenko
Vice President, International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)
Nikolay Pegin
General Director, Development Corporation of Kamchatka
Andrey Petrov
President, International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA); Professor, University of Northern Iowa
Vladimir Pushkarev
Deputy Chairman, The State Duma Committee for Regional Policy and Issues of the North and Far East
Timo Rautajoki
Chief Executive Officer, Lapland Chamber of Commerce
Inga Hrefna Sveinbjarnardottir
Assistant to Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture of the Island
Asthildur Sturludottir
Mayor of Akureyri, Iceland
Ismo Tiainen
Director General of Administration and International Affairs, Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Finland
Olga Timofeeva-Tereshkina
Acting Executive Director, International Organization of Northern Regions the Northern Forum
Sergey Furgal
Governor of Khabarovsk Territory
Vladimir Chlenov
President, Regional Public Organization for Promoting the Development of Arctic Districts ‘Yakutskaya Arctica’ of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Andrey Shalyov
Director of Arkhangelsk Office, Norwegian Barents Secretariat
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