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Sport for All: How to Achieve the Stated Goal
13 February 2019
Tatiana Remezova
Anchor, Russia Television and Radio (VGTRK)
Speakers and experts
Ilya Galaev
President, All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Society Labour Reserves
Aleksandr Karelin
Member of the Committee on Energy, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Three-Time Olympic Champion in Greco-Roman Wrestling
Olga Kiseleva
President, Association of Fitness Industry Operators
Natalia Pochinok
Rector, Russian State Social University
Aleksey Sitnikov
President, Republican Production and Scientific Association "Greenhouses of Russia"
Ivan Cherezov
Head of Sport Projects, Kalashnikov Concern
David Chichua
Member of the General Council and Chairman, Committee on Sports Medicine and Sports and Health Technologies, All-Russia Public Organization "Business Russia"