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Sport for All: How to Achieve the Stated Goal
13 February 2019

In his May Decree, the Russian President set a target to increase the percentage of citizens engaging in regular physical exercise and sport to 55% by 2024. As part of the Sport as a Part of Everyday Life National Project, an additional 23.5 million people need to be involved in sports in the next six years. This ambitious target can only be reached through systematic cooperation between federal and regional government agencies, leaders of major companies, and all participants in the healthy lifestyle industry. Cross-sectoral clusters (medicine, tourism, hotels, services, transport, property, and eco-products) have a special importance in this respect. What measures and programmes are being implemented to improve the population’s access to sports facilities? How do regional administrations take account of citizens’ healthcare needs when developing the urban environment? What are major companies doing to encourage their employees to engage in sport? What tools does the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation have to regulate the healthy lifestyle industry, and what additional regulatory acts must be taken to support popular sport?

Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+
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