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Personalized Medicine: Could Scientific Research Become a Successful Business?
13 February 2019

In April 2018, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation approved a concept of predictive, preventive, participatory, and personalized medicine, or P4 medicine. Today, it is seeing rapid growth in many countries, and the market for these services is increasing by 30% on average every year. The public—private partnership mechanism is an effective tool for implementing the concept. As global experience shows, collaboration between the state and business in various projects to modernize the healthcare system is more productive. In Russia, the integration of private investors into public healthcare is still in the early stages. Is it possible to develop personalized medicine in Russia through public—private partnerships? What form might financial models for attracting private capital to the healthcare system take? What P4 medicine services are likely to be developed in the near future?

Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+
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