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The Coming Economic Hierarchy: An Index of Preparedness for the Future
28 February 2017

The Valdai Discussion Club and the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) have launched the Future Preparedness Index project. The aim is to assess the preparedness of countries to respond to the challenges of tomorrow, their role in future scenarios, their competitiveness with respect to a range of economic and political criteria, and the development of their industrial and social infrastructure. The project will also seek to determine Russia’s ranking among world powers. In the course of this session, an effort will be made to comprehensively assess how well prepared nations are for long-term global economic challenges according to a range of parameters. What is the shape of tomorrow’s economy, and what factors will determine competitiveness? What industries will become the engines of economic growth? What will the paradigm for macroeconomic policy in developed and emerging economies look like?

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