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Cities and Regions: A Creative Environment and Development Institutions
15 February 2018

Russia’s cities and regions exhibit significant potential for economic growth. One of the key factors constraining development in cities and regions is the institutional landscape: regulation of the most important sectors for urban and regional development and the system for allocating authority among governmental bodies. Changes to the legal landscape in such areas as the management of state and municipal property (including land resources), the regulation of urban planning, and support for the creation and operation of investment infrastructure, among other things, could help to unleash economic growth in cities and regions, increase their competitiveness, and implement comprehensive regional development projects. Cities are the foundation of the creative economy, because it is in cities that dense networks of collaborating individuals are concentrated together with production and sales markets for innovative goods and services. Global digital technologies have made it possible to increase connectivity between cities and led to an increase in their creative capital and human potential as a result of direct access to knowledge and information. The contemporary city implies the development not only of an effective urban infrastructure, but also of a fully-fledged creative environment, with a high degree of cultural openness, economic diversification, social responsibility, and comfortable surroundings. It is this creative environment which attracts a highly qualified workforce and potential investors.

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