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Public–Private Partnership in Sport: Problems and Prospects
27 February 2017

In recent years, Russia has achieved a breakthrough in the development of sporting infrastructure. State investment programmes made this growth in the fitness and sports industry possible, but the transition from state funding to a public—private partnership model is the new objective and challenge facing the sporting industry, and opening up enormous potential for its development. Current issues include the efficient use of facilities and improving the investment appeal of sporting infrastructure, particularly in the regions. What examples exist of successful implementation of public—private partnership to build and operate sporting facilities? How possible would it be to replicate these projects? Is there a difference between private and state-owned sporting facilities in terms of efficiency of use? How can the concept of sports centres be expanded during the design phase, and how can they be made more appealing to the population? How can sporting facilities fill their schedules with commercial content designed to ensure their long-term, efficient operation?

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