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B20 International trade and Investment Forum
1 June 2017
The B20 International Trade and Investment Forum is a joint event of the B20, the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs engaging various stakeholders participating in SPIEF 2017 in discussions on international trade and investment. Heads of major companies and business associations, senior government officials from B20 countries, high-ranking representatives of international organizations, and experts will discuss the B20’s recommendations to government leaders on increasing the transparency and effectiveness of international trade and investment policies. This session will enhance the involvement of business leaders, authorities, and the media in public discussion of B20 recommendations in the area of international trade and investment.
• Reinforcement of the WTO rules-based multilateral trading regimes
• Creation of favourable conditions for facilitating digital trade
• Bolstering a legislative framework for digital trade development
• Creation of a regulatory environment encouraging the investment required for sustainable growth
• Alignment of approaches towards multilateral investment regimes
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