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Energy for Europe: a reliable relationship
2 June 2017

With Europe’s domestic gas production projected to decline rapidly in the next 20 years, one thing is very clear as regards the supply of natural gas to Europe: there is an urgent need to connect new gas reserves to Europe. Without sufficient supplies of natural gas, the EU cannot simultaneously pursue its three key energy objectives: secure, sustainable and affordable energy. Based on the EU’s own reference scenario, Europe will need to address a future import gap of around 120bcm. LNG and Russian gas are the only substantial supplies on which Europe can count for its long-term gas supply needs. Russian gas reserves are big enough to meet this import requirement in the coming years, and are ready to be connected to European consumers. Europe and Russia have a long standing and mutually beneficial energy relationship. What is the strategic advantage of Russian gas for Europe? How will Russian gas and LNG compete to ensure security of supply? Why does Europe need additional pipeline capacities to transport gas from Russia’s vast gas fields? How does Nord Stream 2 fit with the EU’s energy strategy?

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