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Energy Cooperation within the Asia-Pacific Region: Building Bridges
2 September 2016

Demand for energy is growing rapidly in the Asia-Pacific Region, causing each country there to seek to diversify its energy supply. Russia’s Far East has natural competitive advantages that could be exploited in joint energy projects. One example, requiring a combination of investment and expertise, is the creation of an energy ring including Russia, Japan, Korea, China and Mongolia. In the medium term, we could see construction of new gas pipelines and other energy bridges between grids in Asia-Pacific countries. What are the most promising areas for energy cooperation between the Russian Far East and Asia-Pacific countries? How can we attract foreign investment to develop the energy sector and energy-intensive industries? How should Russian companies approach foreign energy markets? How can we learn from the example of the European Supergrid project to implement a similar approach in Northeast Asia and ensure unrestricted trade between countries and electricity markets? What are the possibilities in terms of creating energy bridges between Russia and Asia-Pacific countries?

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