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Exporting Russian Education: New Challenges and Future Strategies
15 February 2018

A country with a globally competitive education system is able to attract the most talented people. Indeed, it is a major factor in the success of a knowledge economy. Turnover in the international education services market is in the billions, while exports of services and academic mobility continue to increase. The priority project «Developing the Export Potential of the Russian Education System» is a timely response to the challenges of exporting Russian education. Its goal is to increase the Russian Federation’s share of non-commodity exports by increasing the appeal of Russian education services on the international education market. The project sets out plans to enact a set of system-wide measures aimed at increasing the appeal of Russian education services. These include the promotion of Russian educational standards abroad, educational programmes, and the advantages of receiving an education in the Russian language. They will aim to secure institutional support for the promotion of Russian education services on the international education market, create special structures focusing on the development of international educational initiatives, and train qualified specialists in the field (including through continued professional development). There will also be an emphasis on training teachers capable of working in a variety of joint international educational programmes, as well as on creating and supporting professional development programmes, seminars on methodology, and academic mobility with respect to developing and implementing joint educational programmes. Stakeholders in these endeavours to improve international cooperation will include the government, business, and academic associations. The roundtable will include a presentation of the preliminary outcomes of the priority project, challenges facing Russian universities with respect to exporting services and the most effective routes to solving them, and promoting Russian education as a brand.

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