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The Ecosystem of Innovative and Creative Entrepreneurship: from Education to Successful Startups
25 May 2018

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is prompting more thinking about the avalanche of radical and profound changes occurring in the economy, business, society, and education. It is becoming clear that successful breakthroughs in innovative manufacturing must be based on new educational practices and technologies. Such an entrepreneurial ecosystem is always the result of collaboration between multiple players — state authorities, universities and business accelerators, non-profit organizations, research centres, venture funds, and big and small business. In this panel discussion, participants from Russia, Israel, and the United States will discuss the best international practices for creating an ecosystem for innovative entrepreneurship, the potential of introducing new educational practices, examples of using tools to directly and indirectly support startups, and ways to accelerate and promote projects at both the national and international levels.

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Congress Centre, Conference Hall D3
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