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The Knowledge Economy and a New Paradigm for Developing Human Capital
26 May 2018
Tinatin Kandelaki
General Producer, Match TV
Speakers and experts
Olga Golyshenkova
President, International Association for Corporate Education
Artem Oganov
Chemist, physicist, material scientist; Professor, Russian Academy of Sciences; Professor, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Boris Slavin
Academic Advisor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation; Member of the Board, Russian Union of CIO (SoDIT)
Robert Urazov
General Director, WorldSkills Russia, Agency for the Development of Professional Communities and Skilled Workers
Evgeny Charkin
Information Technology Director, Russian Railways
Maxim Shereykin
General Director, Agency for Technological Development
Nelson Zhao
Co-Chairman, Stanford US–Russia Forum, Leland Stanford Junior University
Mikhail Kislyak
Chairman, Foundation for Assistance for Information Society Development
Alexander Ryzhov
Executive Director, Skyeer