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Environment and innovation. Preserving the natural ecosystems of the Russian Far East
11 September 2018
The social development of the country closely tied to the environmental protection

Social development, corporate social development, sustainable social development nowadays, especially in our country, are integral to the issues of environmental safety, environmental protection, the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the society — Nikolay Krivozertsev, Director, Ecostandard Group.

Conservation of biodiversity, environmental protection is an integral part of CSR in general and most notably one of the social investment trends — Natalia Gonchar, Director of Social Activity, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd..

Creation of a comfortable environment for people’s lives requires a comprehensive approach

We have a common task: to enable Russian citizens to live in a comfortable environment. We can address it comprehensively, relying on the strategic goals of ensuring environmental safety, scientific and technological progress and environmental accountability of each of us — Altair Tyumenev, Pacific Marine Directorate of Rosprirodnadzor.

The environmental pollution adversely affects human health

The 21st century is the age of allergic diseases because we introduce too many unknown substances to the environment. <...> Allergies, bronchial asthmas, <...> oncological diseases with growing mortality rates, and cardiovascular diseases are all of the environmental origin — Kirill Golokhvast, Vice President for Research, FEFU.

Incomplete measures to combat violations of environmental legislation

Both the forestry and water resources are not mapped, and owners of land plots adjacent these resources regularly violate the terms of their use — Alexander Borodich, Founder, Universa Blockchain Platform .

Poaching is a social phenomenon, and to solve it, two sets of measures are required. The first is the government ‘whip’, that is, our primary task is to help the state to create an efficient system for the protection of fauna. The second is to change the environmental awareness of people — Sergey Aramilev, General Director, Amur Tiger Centre Autonomous Non-Profit Organization.

Laying out an action plan for the preservation of the environment

The action plan for the conservation of biodiversity <...> is not just an element of local bio-environmental monitoring. It is also a set of specific actions aimed at reducing the negative impact — Andrey Samatov, Head of the Environmental Division, Sakhalin Energy .

We need to re-equip production, set up a modern waste recycling industry and ensure the conservation of biological diversity — Altair Tyumenev, Pacific Marine Directorate of Rosprirodnadzor.

Enhancing cooperation of the state, business and citizens on matters of environmental protection

The issues of ecosystems and biodiversity conservation cannot be solved by a single company, because the impact — although we have the Trans-Sakhalin pipeline — remains local. Whereas flora and fauna are much more extensive and therefore require the efforts of many parties — Andrey Samatov, Head of the Environmental Division, Sakhalin Energy .

Our main goal and task are to unite the efforts of both state and public organizations in preserving the tiger. The tiger is the indicator for nature and the whole region status. We cannot protect just the tiger: it feeds on ungulates, so we must preserve them also. Animals live in the forest, whereas timber and non-timber forest products, ungulate meat, are the main resource for the population of rural areas and taiga. <...> Our strategic goal is to reach harmony and balance between the population and the tigers. If there is a tiger in the forest, then everything is fine with nature — Sergey Aramilev, General Director, Amur Tiger Centre Autonomous Non-Profit Organization.

Everyone expects that the state or major business will do something, but many stories, like, for example, waste sorting are virtually impossible without everyone’s involvement. <...> People want to help, but they need simple modern formats — Georgiy Konnov, Director of Development of b2b-Products of Electronic Commerce, QIWI .

Transition to technologies that advance environmental protection

Container railway shipping is an innovative environmental solution for our transport industry. <...> Forty per cent of toxic emissions come from commercial vehicles. Roads: cargo vehicles cause the ultimate wear and tear, and, of course, injuries and deaths on the road — Roman Vdovin, Managing Partner, First Federal Intermodal Freight Operator JSC.

Digital certification of goods and certificates of conformity is something that is to combat poaching in the region directly. <...> The employee can reliably check whether the certificate is true or false, estimate the catch of fish, assess where the fish was caught, and continue the digital chain to the counter — Alexander Borodich, Founder, Universa Blockchain Platform .

The material was prepared by the Russian news agency TASS