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An Environmental Image of Russia’s Future: Prospects and Goals
15 February 2018
Maria Morgun
Chief Editor, Live Planet TV; Anchor, Correspondent, FSUE "All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company" (FSUE "VGTRK")
Speakers and experts
Oleg Belozerov
President, Chairman of the Board, Russian Railways
Viktor Evtukhov
State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Rasstrigin
Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Andrey Chibis
Acting Governor of Murmansk Region
Natalia Gonchar
Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at Russian Copper Company
Sergey Donskoy
Member of the Board of Directors, Advisor to the General Director, Irkutsk Oil Company; Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (2012–2018)
Vladimir Solovyov
Anchor, Russia TV Channel
Yuri Korotaev
General Director of Duracell Russia
Sergey Korotkov
Director of the UNIDO Center for International Industrial Cooperation in the Russian Federation
Ruslan Novikov
General Director of Argumenty I Facty Ltd
Maria Vasilkova
Vice-President of Marketing, Segezha Group
Artyom Sedov
General Director, The Big Three (“Bolshaya Troyka”)