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Efficiency and Safety in the Coal Industry: Best Practices and Innovative Technologies
6 October 2017

Restructuring the coal industry has made it possible to shut down some of the least profitable mines with the most geologically complex seam development conditions. This has helped to reduce the rate of occupational accidents in the sector. The rate of accidents with a fatal outcome has fallen threefold since 2000. In order to continue to reduce the risk of major accidents, the Russian Ministry of Energy created a special commission in 2016, which compiled a list of mines carrying a high accident risk and developed a plan of action to increase safety. Following implementation of the plan, only four of an original group of 20 mines carrying a high risk of accident are set to remain open. Other strategies for reducing the risk of accidents include improving life support systems and personal protective equipment for miners, maintaining rescue services in a state of readiness, and other measures for increasing mine safety. How is implementation of the plan progressing? How noticeable are changes to safety measures in mines? Do the products manufactured by safety equipment companies meet the needs of miners? What innovative projects in mining safety are being implemented in Russia today? Issues for discussion: • The status of industrial safety and occupational health in the Russian coal sector • Best practices (open cut and underground mining operations) • Implementation of new innovative projects, progress and prospects

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