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The Efficient Development of Long-term Care and Palliative Care: the Responsibility of Government or Society?
25 May 2018

Enhancing quality of life and ensuring active longevity is one of the key challenges for the state and society. This topic was included in the new May Decrees of the President of Russia. In this regard, facilitating conditions for inclusion of the elderly, provision of quality care and ensuring a dignified life for terminally ill people are of paramount importance. A lot has already been done: six regions have started a pilot implementation of a long-term care system for elderly and disabled people; a priority project for development of palliative care has been designed; Moscow launched a large-scale programme to support active longevity and palliative care. This could only be accomplished by joining the efforts of the state, businesses and society as well as new financial mechanisms and a transition from financing services to financing positive effects. What should an effective long-term care system be like? What should be done to implement a priority palliative care project? What is the right way for proper integration of the efforts of the state, businesses and society to find a solution for the most important social problems? What novel financing instruments can be employed?

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