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Zone of Trust: A Safe Eurasian Cyberspace
5 September 2019

Virtual space has become just another dimension of real space, just like the earth’s surface or its atmosphere. In the coming years, many elements of Eurasia’s critical infrastructure will go digital. However, digital construction can turn into a perilous venture if electrical grids, utilities, transport systems, or urban activity are in danger of being sabotaged. With trade and technological wars waged from the outside, there is a need for digital sovereignty and technological independence: any country must be able to control and secure its own digital space and critical infrastructure. This raises questions of shared rules in the digital space and of a unified effort in Eurasia to create a zone of digital trust. What challenges exist on the path towards creating a zone of digital peace and cooperation in the region? What do governments and businesses have to do to create a zone of trust? What partnerships can be formed to achieve this goal? What does Russia have to offer?

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