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Legislative Support for Arctic Development
5 September 2019

The Russian Arctic comprises 9 regions that generate over 10% of Russian GDP and 20% of national exports. Its growth has become a geo-strategic priority. A special system for managing the development of the Russian Arctic was created in 2019. It has two goals: to ensure that the enormous economic potential of the area is utilized, and to improve the quality of life of the 2.5 million people who live there to at least the average national level. A new strategy for the development of the Arctic to 2035 is currently being prepared. Which legislative gaps must be filled in order to expedite economic and social development in the Russian Arctic? The new Arctic investor preference regime: what is the current regulation stage? What is required to achieve steady growth in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises? What can be done to accelerate the implementation of innovations that the Arctic needs? Which promising projects can help promote advanced regional development? Which international geo economic initiatives are bringing about positive change in the Arctic?

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