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The Development Path for Petrochemicals in the East: Projects, Support Measures, Drivers of Growth
4 September 2019

The Asia Pacific not only continues to be the main driver of global economic growth, but also demand for hydrocarbons at all process stages. Access to this market is therefore key to success. A combination of technological effectiveness, efficiency, and logistics is needed in order to be competitive. Petrochemicals make up a segment offering the highest added value, thereby giving investors added returns. As external competition intensifies, so it becomes ever-more crucial to select the right development path for petrochemical projects in the Far East’s cluster. The immediate proximity to the premium market of the Asia Pacific, offering potential exports of over RUB 230 billion, provides an additional benefit to petrochemical projects. The Power of Siberia and the Eastern Siberia—Pacific Ocean pipelines are providing new opportunities to attract investment and spur regional growth. The Amur gas and chemical cluster, Sakhalin, and Nakhodka could become key hubs for creating a new petrochemical production infrastructure. What needs to be done to unlock this potential? In what way is the strategy for developing the Far East’s petrochemical cluster unique, and how might it be affected by global trends and various development scenarios in the industry? Should major companies be increasing low-tonnage production of chemicals, or is this the prerogative of niche players? What high value-added products will be in demand on the domestic and international markets? Will the tax reform affect the cost of raw materials for the petrochemicals sector? What forms of support need to be put in place for investors and the sector as a whole?

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