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Threats to Biological Security in the Asia Pacific: New Risks and Opportunities
4 September 2019

Biosecurity risks are evolving and becoming more complex. What’s more, these changes are occurring at an ever-faster rate. While medicine develops with the passage of time, so do infectious agents, which develop resistance to treatment and change other characteristics. It is hard to overestimate the modern world’s influence on biological pathogens appearing and spreading. Globalization, economic and social integration, climate change, human intervention, new high-tech products in agriculture and day-to-day life, developments in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics all play their role. The result is an ever-changing microcosm characterized by a wider distribution area, species barriers being overcome, and the purposeful development and spread of pathogens. Countries in the Asia Pacific are most exposed to health threats arising from epidemics, unlawful use of genetic technology, and synthetic biology. That said, economic integration and the rapid development of biotechnology in the region, as well as expanding collaboration in the field between the public, private, and scientific sectors, is giving rise to new ways of managing these risks. What are the main global and regional biosecurity threats? Is a man-made epidemic a genuine possibility? What effect will new innovative drugs have on solving the issue of biosecurity across the globe? What new technologies do Asia-Pacific nations possess to manage biosecurity risks? Are public and private investments effectively planned and allocated? What is the role of national and international regulation, and of regional collaboration in fostering these investments and eliminating threats?

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