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Tourist and Recreational Zones of the Far East: Smart Approach for Integrated Territorial Development
5 September 2019

In August 2019, a strategy for the development of tourism in the Russian Federation by 2035 was approved. Its implementation plan outlines measures to be taken on statutory regulation in the industry as well as on organizing a management system and providing state support to boost tourism. The latter will be largely guided by a federal project to develop domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation by 2024. Defining priority territories and developing them via a cluster approach will be one of the main ways in which the country will be able to increase exports of tourism-based services. Optimal approaches for the use of land and sites of state importance, including cultural heritage sites, will be established using a smart management model which will create tourist recreational clusters. The renewed strategy to develop Russky Island, alongside Kronstadt, will act as pilot projects for the use of smart management models to implement integrated territorial development projects with the aim of developing tourism. What new forms of state support will be aimed at developing tourist zones and territories in the Far Eastern Federal District? What will attract foreign investors? Public-private partnership in the tourism industry: which steps are businesses expecting the government to take to facilitate their involvement in similar projects?

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