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Systemic, Technological, and Informal – What Will Charity Be Like 2020
4 September 2019

Over the past 20 years, charity in Russia has transformed into a fully-fledged professional segment that is attractive to both young professionals and experienced business managers. The non-profit sector has a profound understanding of the problems people face at the local level as well as popular and effective ways to overcome them, and is thus generating more attention and investments from the state, corporations, and individuals. Today, the sector consists of a multitude of diversified players, with various sources of funding and areas of activity. At the same time, the expert community is aware of the need to respond to global challenges that are preventing sustainable development goals from being achieved. The most important step in this regard is an assessment of the risks and opportunities of attracting new resources, technologies, and ideas for charity. How will the sector change over the next decade in Russia and abroad? What roles will the key stakeholders play in these changes? What steps can the government, business, and charity funds take to achieve the desired scenario for the sector’s development? Why are companies investing more and more in developing infrastructure to support non profit organizations, charity, and volunteering in the regions where they operate as opposed to individual projects? Centennials, design teams, and hybrid organizations: how are the subjects and focuses of charity being transformed? What should be the basis of the agenda for international cooperation in matters concerning philanthropy?

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