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A Step Forward for Healthcare in the Far East
4 September 2019

With its vast area, low population density and challenging climate, the Far East needs a healthcare system that can quickly adapt to the digital era. The measures taken to improve the quality of medical care do not fully meet the growing requirements for medical services in the region. The introduction of modern technological solutions and creation of innovative medical centres and clinics are taking healthcare to the next level. With the emergence of virtual reality tools, CRISPR, 3D printers, personal wearable devices, electronic medical records, 5G mobile technologies, and the growth of telemedicine, patients can overcome large distances and receive medical care at a time convenient to them. The creation of innovative medical centres is driving the development of modern technologies. Doctors can optimize their work processes using artificial intelligence systems, and remotely perform complex operations using robotic technologies. Instant access to information makes life easier for patients — there is no need to wait for an appointment with a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment plan. Which promising medical technologies will be the most sought-after in the Far East? Are additional resources needed to introduce new technologies? Are public and private medical organizations that provide e services sufficiently regulated? Which areas of digital healthcare require additional investment? Will new technologies enable patients to manage their own health?

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