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4 September 2019

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China, presenting a timely opportunity to summarize the progress made and to outline the next steps in achieving high-level targets, including trade volumes. An open dialogue on business cooperation is essential and remains relevant in the light of changes to staff duties and skills, given that the geographical scope of business ties is expanding and both priority areas for cooperation and collaboration formats are diversifying as they become increasingly geared towards market conditions. How can we achieve the USD 200 billion trade performance target between Russia and China? Long-standing sectors: how can we advance the projects listed under the Russia—China cooperation programme by 2024? What is the trajectory when implementing projects in traditional sectors of cooperation? The year in summary: what new avenues of collaboration and potential projects have arisen over the past year? What agreements have been signed and which projects have passed the pre-feasibility study stage? Technological opportunities in the Far East: Big Data as a resource; electronic-based infrastructure; information technology and creating a unified space.

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