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Russia and the EAEU in the Asia Pacific: Key Integration Factors and Prospects for Strengthening Business Ties
4 September 2019

The rapid and progressive development of trade and economic relations with countries of the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) is currently one of Russia’s top priorities in the international arena. APR countries have established themselves as world leaders in terms of economic growth and overall prosperity in recent decades. At the same time, the growing volatility of the global economy has had a negative impact on the prospects for the region’s further development. Existing ties and value chains have come under serious pressure due to the escalation of protectionism and the growing number of different barriers in trade and economic cooperation. As a result, the APR has placed increasing importance on the diversification of trade and economic cooperation with external partners. Russia and the EAEU have already become important markets for Asian business. Many companies are not only increasing trade, but are also investing in the creation of new industries in these countries. However, the potential for cooperation remains largely untapped. The reasons for this include an outdated international regulatory framework, undeveloped logistics, various barriers, and a lack of awareness. What mechanisms employed in the APR to stimulate development are the most effective? What are some of the key barriers for taking cooperation to a new level? What possible solutions exist to fundamentally improve the situation?

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