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4 September 2019
Mikhail Akim
Vice President, strategic development, ABB Ltd
Speakers and experts
Gianni Bardazzi
Vice President for Russia and Caspian Region, Maire Tecnimont SpA
Dmitriy Kolpashnikov
General Director, Dielectric Cable Systems
Carlo Palasciano Villamagna
General Director, Enel Russia
Pasquale Terracciano
Ambassador of the Italian Republic to the Russian Federation
Vincenzo Trani
President, Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce
Frank Schauff
Chief Executive Officer, Association of European Businesses
Ulf Schneider
Managing Partner and Founder, SCHNEIDER GROUP
Elena Gorchakova
Deputy General Director, Far East Investment and Export Agency
Gunnar Haglund
Counsellor, Embassy of Sweden in Moscow
Vadim Khromov
Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government
Denis Askinadze
Deputy General Director, Far East and Baikal Region Development Fund