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Developing Aquaculture: Initial Results and New Objectives
4 September 2019

Aquaculture in the Far East got several major boosts for intensive development in 2017–18. More than 45,000 hectares of offshore areas were provided to users. Some 13,200 tonnes of aquaculture products were farmed in 2018, a ten-fold increase compared to 2016. The service, which is used to determine the boundaries of fish-breeding areas for subsequent auctions, has been commissioned. But the industry still lacks its own technological experience and proven scientific and technological base for aquaculture. In order to develop and support new projects, regulatory measures need to be improved and the offshore area needs to be expanded to include promising waters near the Sakhalin Region and the southern Primorsky Territory. How can we attract qualified investors and ensure the safety of foreign capital in aquaculture projects? How should the service be further developed? What new regulatory products does the industry need? Where should personnel undergo training and professional development?

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