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Periodic Table of the Elements: A Universal Language of Science from Space to New Materials
4 September 2019

The Periodic Table of the Elements is recognized globally and associated with the name of Dmitry Mendeleev all around the world. Its phenomenality allowed it to become the universally accepted language of all natural sciences, thus different scientists, including chemists, physicists, astronomists, geologists, physicians, biologists and geographers, apply the Table in their studies. The influence of Mendeleev`s discovery made 150 years ago is not erasing, but growing now. Tremendous work of the scientists has created a harmonious system, which explains the interconnection between elements, as well as allows predicting the emergence of new chemical elements and materials. The Periodic Table today stands at the center of the economy, while it plays essential role in the material production. The electronic devices, solar panels, smart clothes, environmentally friendly fuels, medicines and medical diagnostics — all that is created by chemists using knowledge of elements and their characteristics.

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