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From Raw Materials to Advanced Processing: Achieving Growth in the Forestry Sector
4 September 2019

Russia’s Far East accounts for 51% of timber resources in the Asia-Pacific Region. Despite this, the timber industry primarily remains an exporter of raw materials and its contribution to the regional economy does not exceed 1.5%. Only 74% of the timber cut in Russia is used to make commercial products, as opposed to 95–97% in the rest of the world. What can we do to improve the economic efficiency of forest development projects and the construction of forest infrastructure? Do protective duties help to develop advanced timber processing enterprises? How would a forest investment bank work? Would it make sense to utilize the Tax Incentives in Exchange for Investments programme when building forest infrastructure? What are the prospects for the Unified Far Eastern Effective Forest Management Centre? Which kinds of production are worth investing in, and which projects will be the most effective? How should businesses be encouraged to work on forest restoration? Could exchange mechanisms actually be utilized in the industry?

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