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International Cooperation in Science and Technology: Breakthrough Projects with Asia-Pacific Countries
5 September 2019

In our modern, globalized world, cutting-edge knowledge and technologies tend to determine all else. Practice has shown that scientific and technological potential is directly proportional to levels of economic development. To states striving to become global innovation leaders, leveraging intellectual resources and developing associated technologies and information bases is a major national objective. Science has become a global factor in social development. Knowledge of this fact has pushed countries seeking to become technological leaders to attract scientists and specialists from other countries and to establish ties with foreign scientific and educational institutions. A critical mass of researchers focused on solving modern problems can only achieved on an international level. Fundamental research requires the accumulation of material and financial resources from various countries and their communities. For this reason, international scientific cooperation on all levels — national and regional, and between organizations, collectives, and researchers — is a logical outcome of human development. The specialization of scientific schools and the historic, natural, climatic, and economic conditions affecting the development of countries and territories has laid the groundwork for effective cooperation which aims to benefit all. This form of international scientific and technological cooperation is helping to maximize economic and sociocultural development, which would otherwise not be attainable using traditional methods without collaboration.

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