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Logistics in Russia and India: A Digital Pathway to Uniting Asia and Europe
4 September 2019

Russian-Indian digitalization projects in the transport industry will help create an integrated and trusted space for transporting cargo from India to Russia, and onwards to Europe. Russian technology will be employed to solve this ambitious task and achieve a breakthrough in the development of Eurasian cargo shipments along the fastest and most economical route. This technology will move paperwork fully online, automate administrative procedures, and support multi-modal and driverless transport. In time, this digital transport corridor will intersect with the Trans-Siberian Railway, which will enable Russia to become a central logistics hub between Asia and Europe. It will also facilitate economic integration throughout Greater Eurasia. Investment in Russian-Indian projects will do a great deal to help increase exports of Russian technology. What technological developments in digitalizing transport will help lay the foundation for effective cooperation between Russia and India, and the development of logistics in the two countries? What needs to be done to make Russian-Indian projects attractive to investors?

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