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Reducing Losses and Increasing Business Efficiency: Modern Trends in Lean Production
4 September 2019

The concept of lean production has been proven to be effective all over the world. It seeks to make more from less, that is, increasing the volume of production from less resources, money, space, and workers. This is the essence of lean production. Russia is implementing lean ideas by creating nationwide projects, such as Lean Government and Lean Healthcare. What’s more, modern trends in industrial development, technology, and society demand change. In Japan — the country that invented kaizen — a plan to reform work patterns is being developed as a new way of increasing productivity, which is aimed at implementing strategies to revitalize the Japanese economy. This experience may well prove to be beneficial to Russia, too. What new ideas and principles can help increase productivity on a global scale? Why is lean production not being used everywhere and at all times? How can we construct a process of continuous improvement and create a system of lean learning? How can we implement new equipment based on the kaizen model? What is a lean start-up and a minimum viable product? How can we reconstruct our way of thinking and become a lean leader?

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