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Providing Medical Assistance in Remote Areas
6 September 2019

Providing access to medical services and improving the quality thereof is vital to increasing life expectancy and ensuring citizens’ rights to life and healthcare. Residents of remote and hard-to-access areas in the Russian Far East and Arctic have limited access to medical aid, while the delivery of primary healthcare is especially problematic in small settlements. Access to all types of medical aid can be provided, even for the most remote areas. It requires creating a unified, coordinated regional healthcare system that has enough funding to take the unique needs of the Russian Far East into account. How can the treatment and diagnostic potential of medical organizations be leveraged effectively in order to provide people living in remote areas with primary healthcare? What modern solutions used in northern (Arctic) medicine, telemedicine, and digital technologies can be applied to healthcare in the Russian Far East? What can be done to ensure access to high-quality primary healthcare for people living in small settlements? Is the existing mandatory medical insurance system capable of guaranteeing medical aid to the part of the population living in the Far North and the Arctic?

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