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Investing in the Fishing Industry: Achievements and Next Steps
4 September 2019

The Far Eastern fishing basin has entered a new 15-year period in which more and more permits will be allocated to use aquatic biological resources. Investment projects that aim to rejuvenate the industry are under way. The launch of 15 new fish processing plants and the construction of 17 modern vessels will help to double the share of processed products, while the share of raw materials processing will reach 30%. Given the growth in bioresource output, the freight turnover of fish products at Far East ports is projected to increase from the current 850,000 tonnes to 1.5 million tonnes by 2025. This will require investment solutions concerning port logistics as well as the construction of distribution and refrigeration facilities. How can we alter the current production model and increase the output of finished fish products per unit of raw materials? What new products should be developed and what markets should Russia enter? What are the main drivers for attracting investment to the Far East fishing business in the period to 2025? What measures should the government take to help maintain and repair the fishing fleet? How can we guarantee obligations for the construction of a fleet in the Far East?

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