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Infrastructure for the Data Economy: New Opportunities for Cooperation between the Far East and APR
4 September 2019

The Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national programme aims to increase Russia’s share in world data storage and processing services from 0.9% in 2018 to 5% in 2024. The country has enormous potential for the consumption of such services and has many characteristics that are typical for countries with a high level of appeal for building data centres — available sites for development, affordable and available electricity, a favourable climate, low frequency of natural disasters, an abundance of water, well-developed telecommunications infrastructure, and qualified IT and engineering personnel. Russia plans to utilize these conditions both in order to encourage international companies to store and process data within the country and to attract foreign investors for the construction of data centres and new backbone telecoms infrastructure. What competitive advantages does the Russian data storage and processing market offer? How can Russia enhance the appeal of its data storage and processing market for foreign companies? What new investment opportunities are emerging on the data processing and storage market in light of the digitalization of the Russian economy? How can we further integrate the Russian data centre industry and cloud services into the global market through the establishment of effective partnerships with international players? How should we build effective interaction with foreign providers that are potentially interested in having a presence in the Russian Federation?

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