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Long-Term and Affordable Capital for Investments: New Fundraising Opportunities
4 September 2019

Over the last five years, an exceptional business environment has been created in the Russian Far East. Investors are able to benefit from a wide range of financial and non-financial support measures through state development institutions. However, implementation of the projects is often hindered by a shortage of funding that cannot be covered by injections from the budget and loans from state banks alone. What sources of capital exist to fund investment projects in the Russian Far East? The foreign exchange rate of the Russian Rouble has stabilized, yet the cost of borrowing in Russia is consistently much higher than abroad. How can the cost of borrowing be reduced? Do projects in the Russian Far East and the Arctic require special arrangements? What are the project funding and fund-raising capabilities of state institutions? How eager are foreign banks and financial institutions to invest in the Russian Far East and the Arctic?

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