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Digital Age: Life and Business in the Digital Era
5 September 2019

The digital economy radically transforms our public relations values. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has already affected the people`s daily lives: mobile payments, self-driving cars, branchless banks and digital identification are inevitably changing our perception of values in the business and private life. The information «extraction» becomes more in demand than the extraction of oil, while the use of personal data for various purposes, including criminal ones, is now extremely easy to access. How humans are going digital in the 21st century, and why every organization must reassess its business processes in order to survive in a new competitive environment? How to live and prosper in the ValueWeb era, and where the digital revolution is heading now? Why do smartphones change our values? What is the role of a human in the context of comprehensive automation?

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Conference hall
Building C, level 6, Conference hall 21