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Private Investment in the Social Sphere: New Support Mechanisms
4 September 2019

Achieving the goals of Russia’s national projects will require interaction between the government and private business, as well as private investment to solve social problems in education, healthcare, sports, and social services. Public-private partnerships (PPP) are one of the most effective forms of such collaboration. Russia is developing this mechanism, with most of the projects being implemented in the transport and energy utility sectors, while social infrastructure projects account for no more than 12–15% of the total number of projects. Social projects in a number of sectors in the Far East, such as the construction of modern schools and nursery schools, large sports facilities, and nursing homes, are difficult to implement without state support at the federal level. What social projects might be of interest to private business and what kind of potential does the PPP market have in the Far East? What barriers are holding back the implementation of PPP projects today? How should we encourage the launch of PPP projects and what new mechanisms of state support for PPP projects are available to investors in the Far East today? How can PPPs be used to achieve the goals and objectives of Russia’s national projects? Will the use of PPPs result in a significant increase in the availability and quality of social infrastructure in the Far East?

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