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The Contribution of Female Innovators and Business Leaders to Shaping the Economy of the Future
12 September 2018

Technology, business, and innovation are not only driving the development of the 21st-century economy, they are also strengthening the role of women as leaders in contemporary society. Despite women’s potential when it comes to opening up new markets and launching innovative products, their level of economic and digital participation in the Asia-Pacific region remains insufficient. This lack of full participation by women in the digital economy can be attributed to a low awareness of investment opportunities in innovative markets corresponding to their interests, and a shortage of gender-specific approaches to doing business. If the current gender disparity in the field of digital technology can be overcome, we can create the conditions in which quality of life can be improved for women, men, and society as a whole. How can the contribution of women to strengthening national and global economic, social, political, and cultural potential be assessed? What innovative products are created by women or for women? How are innovative online training platforms to support women’s entrepreneurship being promoted? How is women’s role in the digital age changing? What tools exist to improve women’s access to advanced technologies?

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