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The Smart City: From Theory to Practice
12 September 2018

The modern city is changing how its residents live, creating an environment for development, and providing a place where people can achieve their creative and intellectual potential. The appearance and comfort of our cities and towns have become important competitive factors in attracting and retaining the active part of the population, namely young professionals. In order to compete for human capital, the cities of the Russian Far East must, in one way or another, change their approach to development strategies. The integrated and phased introduction of ‘smart’ solutions in all areas of urban life will help to reduce utility costs, optimize resource consumption, make cities affordable and convenient for people, and attract investors. The opportunities for ‘smart’ development are mainly determined by high human and innovative potential, aspects which determine long-term social and economic development trends and improve the quality of the urban environment. What is a ‘smart city’? Which international technologies and best practices should be followed? Which are the first solutions that might be implemented in the Russian Far East? What mechanisms need to be developed in order to make cities smarter and attract investors?

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