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Transforming the Business Climate: A New Stimulus for Dialogue Between Business and Government
11 September 2018

Russia has numerous different tools for creating a favourable business environment and encouraging cooperation with entrepreneurs. Until recently, however, these processes have not been centralized. In 2018, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and leading business associations, launched a new mechanism for managing systemic changes in the business environment, called ‘Transforming the business climate’, a tool which allows government departments to respond promptly to queries from the business community. It facilitates the removal of existing barriers to doing business. The new mechanism strengthens the role of entrepreneurs at every stage: from setting up initiatives to monitoring their implementation. But what kinds of tools really do help businesses? What kinds of problems requiring improvements to regulations do entrepreneurs face? How can processes be synchronized in order to improve the business environment? What should the ‘Transforming the business climate’ mechanism include?

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