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Talent 20.35: Challenges and Solutions
12 September 2018

Contemporary realities are giving rise to new challenges. The transformation of the economy, and as a result, the labour market, has resulted in current education systems being unable to satisfy the needs of the digital economy and ensure the implementation of National Technology Initiative roadmaps. One response to the demand from the state, business, and society for improved identification, development, and cultivation of talent is the creation of University 20.35 — a new kind of networked education system based on the best global practices used by education organizations and digital education platforms, and on the best courses and models for personal training. This new model of university is making it possible to move away from analogue paper credentials, and to replace them with digital skills passports, which are constantly supplemented by virtue of the ‘digital footprint’. One of the tasks of the university is to train individuals to manage based on data from teams of federal and regional government bodies. How can the education system be quickly reconfigured from an institution-centric one to an individual-centric one? How can we help individuals to understand and develop their own abilities? What tools can be used to assess skills ‘in the moment’? What is a Chief Data Officer, how many of them will be needed by 2035, and what is the most effective way to train them? Could artificial intelligence be capable of recommending a path for individual development based on big data collected during the training process? Could the Russian Far East become a region for self-development in difficult circumstances and position itself in the avant-garde of working with talented people?

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